Car Key Replacement in Canterbury

Fiat 500 Car Key Replacement in Canterbury

It was a pleasure to be able to save our customer’s Easter weekend, when she had the misfortune of losing her only Fiat 500 car key near Canterbury. We quickly arrived after being recommended to our customer by her neighbour, who we had the pleasure of helping previously with a spare car key.  The customer explained that she needed her car for the weekend and had looked absolutely everywhere for them without any luck.

As is very common, our customer explained that she had called the Fiat dealer to be told that she would need to have the car recovered to their garage in order for them to be able to programme a new car key. They also informed the customer that it would take around 10 working days for a replacement car key.  Fortunately, an existing customer of ours recommended that she gives us a call at Quick-Keys Auto Locksmiths. We offer a lost keys service providing car key replacement in Canterbury and East Kent, and are always more than happy to help in emergency situations.

On arrival, the car door lock was quickly picked open and decoded so that we could cut a replacement key blade for the ignition and door lock. We then proceeded to programme out and delete the lost keys, so that they could not be used by somebody else if found, before learning the new car keys to the vehicle using specialist locksmith programming tools. For this particular vehicle, it requires bypassing the vehicle’s security system and pulling the security password, before precoding our new remote keys as dealer keys and then programming the new car keys to the vehicle’s immobiliser system.

This whole process was completed in less than an hour, in a residential car park at our customer’s home. Not only were we faster (same day) than the main dealer, but we were a fraction of the price. Additionally, by offering a fully mobile auto locksmith service, we were able to save our customer the vehicle recovery cost, since we can deal with all keys lost scenarios at the roadside. The customer was so happy with our price that she even asked for two keys – we are always happy to offer a great discount on any additional car keys.

Our customer was over the moon, as can be seen from the amazing 5-star review she kindly gave us.

When I lost my car key, the fiat garage needed me to tow my car to them and estimated a 10 day turn around and several hundred pounds. Aaron had me back on the road within hours, for a fraction of the price and friendly service. Would highly recommend.

We offer our fully mobile emergency auto locksmith service from Canterbury and throughout East Kent, providing car key replacement in Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and beyond.  Just call, message or WhatsApp us if there’s ever anything we can help you with.

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