Lock Repair in Canterbury

Multipoint Gearbox Lock Repair in Canterbury

It was a pleasure to help our customers near Canterbury with their multipoint locking system after it had completely failed on them. They explained when calling that they could no longer lock their door and that they felt vulnerable and really wanted to secure their home as quickly as possible.

We were able to diagnose the issue over the telephone and offer a fixed-price quotation for the lock repair to be carried out on the same day, before arriving within the hour as agreed. The issue was a failed multipoint gearbox, which the customers had inadvertently broken by repeatedly forcing the door handle upwards to engage the lock when the door had actually required a little adjustment. Over a short period of time, this force had caused the gearbox (responsible for engaging the multipoint deadlocks) to completely fail on them.

Fortunately, we have a fully stocked locksmith van and carry every brand and size/type of multipoint gearbox variation with us so that we can complete most lock repair jobs in one visit. This is the most efficient way for us to work and it saves us time as well as saving our customer time and money, as unlike many others we only charge the fixed price for a completed job rather than per visit/hour.

We quickly removed the multipoint locking system from the door, serviced the system, and replaced the failed part – we even threw in a nice new set of door handles when putting everything back together. The job was completed very quickly, and the door was adjusted to avoid any further problems. As always, our expert locksmith Aaron spent some time with our lovely customers demonstrating the work that had been carried out to ensure that they were happy – along with giving them advice about their door and explaining our no-quibble parts and labour guarantee. Afterwards, we were pleased to see that they had been so happy with the experience that they left a positive review.

Aaron is reliable, efficient and his work is excellent. Highly recommended.

If you ever find yourself struggling to operate your lock or door handle, please get in touch with Quick-Keys Locksmiths. We are always happy to carry out lock repairs as well as offering lock services and door adjustments to avoid such issues throughout Canterbury and East Kent.

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