Emergency Auto Locksmiths Services in Ash, Canterbury

Emergency Auto Locksmiths Services in Ash, Canterbury

We received a call from a distressed young lady who found herself locked out of her car in Ash, near Canterbury. She explained that she and her young child were stranded in the cold because her car and house keys were inside her Ford Fiesta, leaving her unable to access her house as well.

She had also explained that she simply could not afford the price quoted by the RAC and other national locksmith services and was really stressed. I was actually shocked at the prices she had been quoted. Fortunately, she was very pleased with the much more reasonable price I offered her. Considering her situation, I postponed another less urgent job to prioritise helping her and her child get back indoors as quickly as possible.

Within 25 minutes of her call, I arrived and quickly picked the lock and accessed her car, reuniting her with her house and car keys. She also requested a spare car key, which we provided at a discounted rate since we were already on site. I was really happy to be able to help my customer and her young child in getting back to warmth after having the misfortune of being locked out. The spare remote car key was cut and programmed at her house, and we offered it with a no-quibble guarantee at a very reasonable price.

Given what she told me about the very high prices she had been quoted, I can’t stress enough the benefits of using a local trusted locksmith service like Quick-Keys, rather than those national call-centres. If you’re not talking directly to your local locksmith, you’re likely to face significantly higher prices and longer wait times.

If you are in need of an auto locksmith in Canterbury or the surrounding areas, get in touch with Quick-Keys Locksmiths for a professional service at a fair price.

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